Nate Birkholz

Nate came to Lakeshore in 2007 after completing his Master of Divinity at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. After investing six years in the youth of Lakeshore, Nate stepped into the senior pastor role in the summer of 2013. He is an expositional preacher and a shepherd-pastor. His wife, Kris, is his best friend, and they have four children: Adrianna, Natalie, Owen, and Seth. (Email)


Mike Schaap

Mike came to Lakeshore in 1986, working with the youth and eventually assumed responsibility for worship and music. Mike is a devoted lay-pastor who works in the business world during the week and gives of himself sacrificially to the work of the church. Mike and his wife, Cindy, have three children and six grandchildren. (Email)


Wayne muri

Wayne came to Lakeshore in 1988 as a pastor and counselor after spending 17 years on a large church staff in Minneapolis. Since Pastor Nate stepped into the senior pastor role, Wayne has devoted himself to discipleship and providing pastoral counseling both to church families and referrals from Love In Action. His wife, Ev, passed away on July 22nd, 2018, from a long battle with cancer. Wayne has two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grand babies. (Email)


Dave sides

Dave Sides has been at Lakeshore since 1986. Dave has served as a children and youth leader, music leader, ABF teacher, deacon, and treasurer. In 2016 the church recognized Dave as a lay-pastor. Though he continues in his day job as a CPA, he is a regular voice on the pastoral team and continues to serve in many areas of the church. Dave and his wife, Lori, have four children and four grandchildren. (Email)


Luke Bylsma

Luke and his wife, Karin, both have roots at Lakeshore. They grew up here, went away for seminary, and have since returned for Luke to serve as a pastor. Luke oversees the Youth Group, Children's Ministries, and VBS. Luke and Karin have four children, Hailey, Ian, Judson, and Madelyn. (Email)



Andy and his wife, Davina, moved to MI in 2018 to join the team at LBC. Previously, they lived in VA serving as campus missionaries to Virginia Tech. Andy leads the Discipleship Group, Adult Bible Fellowship, Greeters/Ushers, and BUILD Men’s Conference ministries at LBC, also assisting the Women’s Ministry Team Committee and coordinating the SALT Women’s Conference. Andy and Davina have five children: Caleb, Micah, Elijah, Annika, Elyse. (Email)



Gary Gomer 

Buildings and Grounds 

Lonnie Bell, Mark George & Jeff Swieringa


Eric Johnson


Jim Murphy & Todd Bair


Jeff Swieringa & Josh Thompson


Josh Thompson & Mark George

Internal Services

Manie VanNiekerk & Rich Woodby


Eric Johnson & Todd Bair

Kids Kampus

Mark George & Gary Gomer


Dave Vanderlaan & Lonnie Bell