Core Values

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Core Values:

These touchstones provide us with our direction and focus in every aspect of community.


We believe that the Bible has the answers to all the issues of life. It is God’s gift to us as He builds us up with the truth of Scripture (2 Tim 3:16-17). As a result, we proclaim it regularly through expositional preaching. The Bible also impacts the way we counsel. Whether someone is struggling with their marriage, with sinful addictions, with parenting, or any other issue, we look to the Word of God for answers to life’s struggles. Furthermore, we have regular Bible study classes on Sunday and studies that take place during the week to keep our minds saturated in truth. 


We believe that God has gathered believers together to reflect the wisdom, grace, and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph 3:9-10). Since God has called Christians to unite themselves in the church, which is His beloved bride, we value the times we meet together (Heb 10:24). Within our local community of faith we believe we must love, serve, admonish, and even confront one another. We’re talking about relationships that push one another toward Christ.  Allowing Christians to speak into our everyday lives is crucial for the Christian walk. We carry this out by being intentional in each other’s lives. Whether in a small group, Adult Bible Fellowship, weekly Bible study, or over coffee, we desire to see people in community being discipled. 


Since Jesus himself has commanded us to make disciples of all nations, we desire to proclaim the gospel both locally and globally (Matt 28:19-20). Local missions sometimes mean reaching our neighbors next to us or getting involved in our community through organizations like Love In Action, First Priority, Positive Options, or Forgotten Man Ministries. We also seek to support global missions by praying regularly for them, supporting them financially, or by serving alongside them. 


Prayer expresses a posture of dependence on God (Phil 4:6). Since God has commanded us to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:8) and for one another (James 5:15-16), we value prayer both individually and corporately. As a result we seek to be intentional about having times to pray together. We also keep our church community aware of new prayer needs through email updates or our regular prayer prompter.