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Children and Youth Ministries
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Children and Youth Ministries: Growing in God

At Lakeshore Baptist Church, we revel in children and prize young people. We work hard at being a safe place for children to grow and prosper, and for young people to find the support they need as they move into adulthood. To that end a huge percentage of our annual budget is devoted to Children and Youth.

Jesus loved little children and insisted not that they should be like adults, but that adults should be like them. They are innocent and fresh and trusting and guileless. Our desire is to protect those qualities and preserve them for as long as possible.

And, since children and youth are still mold-able, we endeavor to help parents fashion these tender hearts and minds into the image of Jesus Christ. To that end we work very hard at keeping alive an excitement about the things of God and a reverence for the Word of God. With God’s help, we want to ignite a fire for God in their hearts that will last a lifetime.

We have programs for younger children such as AWANA and First Priority for teens in order to give them opportunities to develop a relationship with God and create an attitude of love and service to others.

We take good care of our infants and toddlers in our well-equipped nursery which is fully supervised and available during all regular services.

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