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Twelve Stones Ministry

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Twelve Stones will be at LBC on Saturday, September 10th, and Sunday, September 11th, helping to equip us to care for one another.  The general theme for the weekend is:  “Redemptive Perspectives for Relational Struggles”

As a ministry, their mission is to help the most hurting by inviting the church to care effectively for one another in community, and equipping individuals to engage with grace and truth.

Learning to love one another is the most difficult, yet rewarding experience we have. We help the church cultivate an atmosphere of care that preemptively addresses issues in the context of community, which ultimately reduces the need for intensive interventions while deepening confidence in individual’s abilities to care for one another.

The sessions for the weekend are:

The Shattered World of Sexual Abuse Pt. 1; Saturday from 6-7 pm

Understanding Our Deepest Struggle; Saturday from 6-7

The Weakness Paradox; Sunday at 9:30 am

The Shattered World of Sexual Abuse Pt. 2; Sunday at 11 am


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